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Author: Lansah Musah, a Journalist

Your Tagging Won’t Stop Us From Talking: We Also Have Opinions



Previously, journalists up north were mute over injustices meted out to the north by politicians from across the political divide.

The reason for our salience was due to quick attempts by these politicians to align us to one political party or the other as soon as we tried criticising them.

A point of reference was what happened to me in 2007 when the New Patriotic Party (NPP) was in power. I was then a host of a program on radio and each time I raised concerns about development challenges, I was accused of been paid by the then opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to do their bidding.

It got interesting when Prof. John E.A Mills of the NDC won the elections in 2008 and I was accused by the NDC later on as doing the bidding of the NPP.

I laughed it off and concluded that then I was doing something right. It has continued till now and my position has always been that I won’t pamper governing parties. This is not because I hate them but because they hold our purse and not the opposition. I will praise you when you do well and lambast you when you mess up.

This attempt to tag media practitioners in the north has made a lot of media guys close their eyes over some issues that crop up in the area.

I have often spoken my mind over so many things that happen in the north. Politicians have insulted me on social media and even at secret meetings due to my stance on the Bolga-Bawku road.

When it was put in the NDC’s green book that a contractor was on site, I raised concerns that it was not true. Members of the NDC lambasted me and called me names. Fast forward to 2016 and we found the president going to cut a sod for that same road of which a contractor is alleged to have said he does not have a bank guarantee and so work cannot start.

This and many more issues of development seem to be angering media practitioners in the area who have started writing articles against politicians.

My good friends and brothers Manasseh Azure Awuni, Albert Sore both of Multimedia as well as Samuel Mbura of Tanga Radio have all written articles against politicians in the past three weeks.

These guys have hit hard at both the NDC and NPP who are both claiming to love the north.

I feel angry when I hear on campaign platforms people say,”these people don’t like you so don’t vote for them”. Such an insult to the intelligence of northerners.
My conclusion on this nonsense of who loves northerners more is that, both parties and in fact, others are just behaving like the Europeans who saw the north as a place to get labourers.

Hence, we will talk and not be afraid of being tagged by any politician. We are tired of letting you guys take us for granted. Those of you (politicians) who annoy us most are the ones who come from within us.

You can meet secretly and decide not to invite us for your programs but, we will still write about the ills we have to go through each day because you have decided to think more of your children than other people’s children .

Manasseh, Albert, Samuel and Clement, let’s continue with the talking and exposure of the ills from politicians who claim they love us.
We won’t shut up, we will talk…..

Source: TopNewsGhana.com/Ghana

Author: Lansah Musah, a Journalist


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