Truly there is no fear in love and it makes me wonder why people claim they love you but are afraid of losing you. Anyone who is afraid to lose you is not in love with you. Love is powerful, love is crazy. Love and fear are not classmates or co-equals. Where love can travel to, fear can’t. What love can do, fear can’t.

Love makes you see the possible in the impossible. Love makes you see dreams come true when you have not yet started. Love makes you do crazy things you can’t explain or see yourself doing when you were not in love.

Love makes you take risk for a stranger, a risk you will never take for your relative. Love makes you deny the truth, believe in a fairytales. Love makes you a talkative when you naturally hate to talk. Love gives you energy that energy drinks can’t give. Love makes you give your all to someone, go to bed empty stomach yet smiling.

Looking back, I remember some crazy things I did because I was in love. I am one person who fears corpse; for that matter I neither attend wake keeping, nor go to the cemetery in the day time, not to talk of the night.

But the story changed when I fell in love with a young lady. She was in a village which was three miles away from mine. She was preparing for exams and I had to help her; teach her. I travelled every night to her village to do that. The route I had to use went through the cemetery. I used to return, using that same route, at 1am dawn. Something I could never do, even if my parents asked me to.

You reading this piece, look back and count the crazy things you did for a stranger you claim to be in love with. When you love someone it’s impossible to give up on them. When you are in love, you can go through any difficult situation yet your relationship won’t die but becomes stronger. The reason why relationships don’t last these days, and many marriages collapse is because the couple were not in love.

Love makes us more human, thoughtful, considerate, caring, compassionate and affectionate. When you love, you express it and your actions draw the one you love close to you. Expressing how we feel makes us happy, we don’t get tired of doing that and nobody forces us to do so.

These days people don’t do that, they rather try their best to impress you and soon get tired of doing so. That is not love. That is manipulation. People are only impressed with our action when care is truly expressed.

I wonder why people go out of their way to beg for love, a thing that should freely be given to you. Begging for it makes it fake. If they love you, they are drawn to you, they can’t live without you. The love they have for you leaves them breathless.

Love makes you see good in people and situations. It isn’t love when people claim to love you but all they see are your shortfalls, weaknesses and flaws. It is not love when all people do to you is to blame, accuse, criticize, insult you.

When people are in love with you, they fall in love with every little thing of yours. Your smile, gestures, effort. They don’t do that because of what you give them, or the big things you have such as money, property, luxury, etc.

In conclusion “Many waters cannot quench the flame of love, neither can the floods drown it. If a man tried to buy it with everything he owned, he couldn’t do it” – Song of Songs 8:4:7 (TLB).

By; Counselor Adofoli