We Are Ready to Campaign in Any Parts of the Country – NPP Youth Group


nppWith less than two months for Ghanaian electorate to go to the polls, a newly inaugurated youth wing of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Upper East Region, ‘Youth for Change’ has vowed its members are poised to go to any length and breadth of the country to campaign for the party, its flagbearer and parliamentary candidates to recapture power from the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

In his inaugural speech, the secretary of the group, Henry Maritieebe Kpamma, said Youth for Change was formed out of the desire of some youth belonging to the New Patriotic Party who were so eager to ensure a change in this year’s elections. It started as a discussion among those members who saw the need to bring on board other youth so as to make the idea materialize.

Below is the full statement:

In November 2015, a Whatsapp platform was created with the name “Nana For 2016”. The conceivers of the idea saw the need not to limit it to one constituency but rather to extend it to the entire Upper East Region and beyond. Some youth who are disappointed in the way the nation’s affairs are being managed and therefore want a change in government (but are not necessarily members of the NPP) were also roped in. The group went beyond the Whatsapp platform and its first meeting was held to discuss the way forward. At this meeting which was attended by about twenty members, some resolutions and decisions were taken. These included;

That the group will embark on a vigorous house to house campaign in the entire Region and beyond so as to supplement the work of the main structures of the party. The party executive at the Regional level was duly informed.

To the extent that our activities were going to involve the use of some logistics, we identified some personalities who could help us push our agenda through.
Members also resolved to make monthly contributions towards our activities besides the support we were expecting to get from the personalities we identified.

An interim executive was put in place to spear-head the organizations of our activities. A communication team was also formed to undertake weekly programs on radio to help market to voters our Presidential and Parliamentary candidates and the party’s intended policies.

The name was changed from the previous name “NANA FOR 2016” to “YOUTH FOR CHANGE 2016”. The Whatsapp platform remains useful to group and makes it easy for dissemination of information to the group members.

Since the formation of the group, we have visited several communities in some constituencies in the Upper East region. In the Bolgatanga Central Constituency, we have visited and campaigned in the Sherigu, Sumbrungu, Yorogo and Bukere communities. In the Talensi Constituency, we have been to communities such as Winkogo, Gbane, Sheaga, Balungu, Pwalugu, Yinduri, Tindongo, Yagzore, Sakorit, Baare, Tongo – Beo and Tengzug. The Chiana Paga Constituency has also benefited from our visits to the Kaasi and Azeadomah communities. We have also visited some communities within the Zanlerigu area in the Nabdam Constituency. It is worth noting that our visits to some of the communities mentioned above have been done repeatedly.
As mentioned earlier, the group is constantly reaching out to the entire Region and beyond through weekly radio programs dubbed “Youth for Change”. The program comes in local languages and English on Tanga radio every Saturday between 7:30pm and 8:30pm.

As we embark on our activities, benevolent and committed party members such as Mr. Eric Kurug, Polo, Lawyer Douglas, Lawyer Anthony Namoo, Dr. Edward Naabil, Anyass, Nicholas Atograh, Robert Alibo, Robert Boarezor, Mr. Dengzee Kojo David (Ojam, Chairman, Talensi) the Parliamentary Candidates for Talensi and Bolgatanga in the persons of Thomas Duanab Wuni and Hon. Rex Asanga among others have been helpful to our course. We have also benefited from the benevolence of some NPP groups such as Atlantic Base and Holland Base.

The membership of the group has also tried hard to stick to the resolution to make monthly contributions towards our activities even under these strenuous economic circumstances. We wish to say well done to the entire membership and encourage all of us to keep the flames of desire and zeal burning till we see victory on December 7th.

As we reach out to the communities we are welcomed to homes and the message of hope and change is well received. It is clear that the people need a change. Ghanaians are disgruntled and have lost hope in this current NDC administration.

Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo is rightly accepted as incorruptible, selfless, a visionary Leader and a man of peace who has Ghana at heart. This is against the embarrassing situation, and hardship that the current corrupt and incompetent government of John Mahama and the NDC party has brought to the nation.

With few days to the elections, the group is ready to campaign in any part of the Region and beyond. We are also committed to ensuring change so as to restore hope for the youth of the Region and Ghana at large. We wish to call on all who want to see change to support or join us to ensure that change is effected on December 7th.

As Theodore Roosevelt said “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”.
Let us all contribute our bit until Nana Addo is declared President and our able Parliametary Candidates also elected as MPs.

Present at the ceremony was a stalwart of the NPP and former Municipal Chief Executive for Bolgatanga, Rockson Bukari, who challenged members of the youth to carry out more sensitizations programmes to educate the electorate on the party’s symbols and how to vote to reduce the number of rejected votes come December 7.

He observed that the region is believed to be a strong hold of NDC but the NDC as a party know that they are losing the elections because for the past 8 years in power, the NDC cannot boast of any meaningful developmental projects in the region and therefore the people of the region will vote out the NDC.

By Salina Apeligeba/www.topnewsghana.com/GHANA