UE/R: Filling stations can be sited anywhere – Director of Town and Country Planning


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The Upper East Regional Director of Town and Country Planning, Christian Addai Manu has stated that fuel stations can be sited anywhere, provided they have the requisite permit and are properly maintained.

He said people who outrageously criticize the location of fuel stations in residential areas do so because “they don’t know so much.”

Mr. Manu said this on Wednesday in reaction to concerns raise by some residents in Bolgatanga on the nearness of filling stations to human activities. The sitting of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and fuel stations in residential areas in the Bolgatanga Municipality is becoming a source of worry to many residents.

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Though, the Bolgatanga Municipality, in recent years, has not recorded any major incidence of fire outbreak caused by gas or fuel explosion at a filling station, the people living close to these gas and fuel stations have expressed fears about the possible explosion and the resultant loss of lives and properties.

Most of these residents were of the view that the siting the gas and fuel stations close to their houses, offices and even schools poses a wild danger despite the convenience it offers them  to access gas and fuel quickly due to their proximity.

Mr. Manu however argues that it is not wrong to operate gas and fuel stations in residential areas. It is a matter of putting proper measures in place to ensure that all the health and safety issues are addressed; adding that “Fuel station like this, the tanks are buried underground. It can be in your own house. Even now, we all use gas in our homes. But gas is very very dangerous.”

“If you want the permit for fuel station, there are some requirements, we have standards, and we have a minimum land size that a filling station must occupy. If all these and many others are duly observed, you are ok.” He defended.

SOURCE; topnewsghana.com/ P. K Fordjour