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Bongo Constituents at the program

The Wind of ‘Change’ is Blowing in Bongo – NPP


It appears the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) is losing touch with the Bongo Constituency in the Upper East Region of Ghana and can no longer brag of securing the parliamentary seat in the upcoming elections.

Barely one month to the presidential and parliamentary elections in the country and the NPP’s message of change seems to have been absorbed by the electorate in that constituency.
Enthusiastic residents of Feo, a border community in Bongo poured out in their unusual numbers to witness the commissioning of a party office in that electoral area amidst songs of ‘change’ which donated by a party member, Alhassan Sumaila.

Feo and its surrounding communities have majority of the voting population in the Bongo Constituency and it is the main decider of elections.

Addressing the mammoth party members, Constituency Chairman, Peter Ayinbisa, called on the electorate to reject the “wicked” NDC government which has impoverished Ghanaians citing the 2016-2017 academic year’s admission fees into various Second Cycle Institutions and described it as exorbitant and unbearable.

He said it was high time the people of Feo for that matter Bongo, rejected the NDC’s parliamentary candidate, Edward Bawa and John Mahama because they are not capable.

Mr. Ayinbisa also accused Edward Bawa of blatantly lying to the people of that area at a recently held rally that the NDC government has built schools in that zone. According to him, the NDC has done nothing in the area and it was the NPP which developed the area.

“We have built all the schools in this community. They have not built a single school here, all they do is to rehabilitate and maintain…but we are the ones who came and opened all the schools in this community… So the people are So much aware that change is happening and they are prepared to listen to us because we have good programs and policies for them” he said.

He added that Edward Bawa has insulted the people of Bongo when he told electorates in Feo and its environs that he was from a rich family and since childhood fed on rich sardine whiles the remaining were thrown away when he was referring to the NPP as a surplus party.

“I am told Edward Bawa was here to portray himself as a rich person …am told he said his mother was a rich person and people used to come to their house …they used to eat sardine and the leftovers were meant for people like us. And these are the people who want us to vote for them …I don’t need to tell you this is an insult. Ordinarily, he has insulted all of us and we are not going to sit down and allow a few miscreants to come and steal our votes and enrich themselves” he stated

Mr. Ayinbisa said this is an indication the NDC does not respect the ‘poor’ class in the constituency and for that matter must be voted out.

“He is trying to say that he is coming from a rich and wealthy family and for that matter he has the money to buy the conscience of the people so that we can vote for him and his family to continue to be rich. We are assuring him that the community members who are poor just like myself we are going to vote for someone who is God fearing …we are going to vote for Agana and Nana Addo” he stressed
The 2012 parliamentary candidate of the NPP, Diana Abuureya also urged party faithfuls to continue to rally behind the NPP in order to see the change they are yearning for in the Constituency.

In his address to the people of Feo, Gabriel Ade Agana, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate, said he was very grateful to the love the electorate have shown the party and encouraged them to continue to work hard in order for the party to win both parliamentary and presidential elections.

He pledged to ensure that the challenges of road network, electricity, water and health are addressed accordingly should he and his party be given the mandate.
Also at the commissioning of the zonal party office were the Regional NPP Chairman, Secretary, Communications Officer, past DCEs and party elders.

Meanwhile, the people in the Feo, Namoo, Boko and other surrounding communities have sent signals that if their bridges, water and electricity problems are not solved, they would either not vote or would vote against the NDC.

Bongo has been a safe seat for the NDC until recently when the incumbent MP, Albert Abongo stepped down. The NDC has still not fully assembled its pieces of division that followed its parliamentary primaries when most party members vowed to vote ‘skirt and blouse’ as a result of the circumstances surrounding the conduct and outcome of the primaries elections.

Source: TopNewsGhana.com/GHANA


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