Telecommunications technology, a means to eliminating maternal mortality in Bongo District

Dr. William Gudu. Medical Superintendent of Bongo District Hospital

Health workers in the Bongo District of the Upper East region have adopted technology method which saw a zero maternal mortality cases from 1,350 deliveries done in the year 2018.

The success of the only district in the region to have recorded zero maternal mortality in three consecutive years is largely attributed to telecommunication technology adopted by health workers to manage delivery cases.

Medical Superintendent of Bongo District Hospital, Dr. William Gudu who spoke to A1 news acknowledged a collective collaboration from health workers and opinion leaders in ensuring timely referrals services, a factor he said contributed to the district achieving this enviable success.

According to him, “We have certain things put in place in the district which I think is helping us a lot. The first one is telephone system that we have kept in place between the hospital, the District Health Management Team and the Sub- District; we have a telephone system such that there is one {telephone} with the Medical Superintendent, one with the District Director, we have a programme called MBFHI; so one with the MBFHI coordinator and all sub-districts. We communicate whenever we have to manage a case.”

He further narrated that “Usually, the cases are received at the sub-districts, the CHPS, the health centers and co. whenever they get a case that seems to be beyond them, they call the Maternity Unit, they call the Medical Superintendant to discuss the case. Depending on how the discussion goes, either they are advices as to how to manage the case or they are encouraged to refer the case to the District Hospital.”

Source; A1 News