Teachers lament over pupils’ lack of proper feeding at home

file photo; school children with lunchboxes

Some Public School Teachers in the Bolgatanga North-East Circuit of the Upper East Region have observed that pupils reporting to school for the new academic term look thin and melted-off than they appeared prior to the vacation.

The teachers noted with disappointment the drastic change in the physical looks of their pupils and have attributed it to a possible lack of proper feeding in their respective homes during the vacation period.

Speaking to Topnews Ghana, the teachers (names withheld) expressed worry about the situation.

One said “These children stayed out of school for only three weeks; and see how slim they’ve become. Oh my God, have they been starving? I suspect at their homes, they don’t get good food to eat. I believe it’s the school food that has been sustaining them.”

“Our children are suffering ooo, I almost cried yesterday when I say some of them first. The situation is terrible. Meaning these helpless children have been starving at home. Now we can’t also blame their parents, for all you know, they’re all suffering. No wonder most of these children never miss school.” Another teacher noted.

Owing to the very low income level of many households in the Northern part of the country; and particularly worse in the rural communities, families are unable to have three square meals. Some do two; or even one meal in some cases.

Under such circumstances, Public Basic Schools implementing the School Feeding Programme (SFP) become safe haven for children who are the most vulnerable.

Introduced 14 years ago, the SFP provides one hot meal as lunch for pupils in basic schools.

Known for its significant contribution in an increased school enrollment figures, the SFP is highly credited for having made measurable improvements in child nutrition in beneficiary schools; a reason the concerned teachers alluded to.

Source; topnewsghana.com/ P. K Fordjour