Talensi: Golob held to usher in planting season

Tendanas of Talensi Traditional area

The Chiefs, elders, the Tendaanas and the people of the Talensi traditional area have celebrated their annual Golob festival amidst merry-making, dancing and exquisite display of culture and tradition.

The weeklong program which was celebrated by some selected communities has paved way for the rainy season and the farming season with farmers hopeful of a bumper harvest.

As part of the celebrations, there was a total ban on fighting, marriages, bloodshed and other acts considered immoral.

Speaking to a1radionline.com on the sidelines of the final celebration, Dr. Ken Kpeliba, a member of the planning committee mentioned that the Golob festival is a sacred festival that prepares the grounds not only for the planting season but also for a peaceful planting season.

He mentioned that with its celebration, the gods have been given their due and it is expected that they will, in turn, pay the people with bumper harvest and also provide them with their heart desires throughout the year.

There are six dancing activities during the Golob festival which include the “Golob-Yiis”, “Naawoo”, “Gbebik& KaKaringama”, “Mol”, “Gol-Kpagir” and the final one which is “Gol-Naara” which is  held at the palace of the paramount Chief of the land.

Golob, a pre-sowing festival is celebrated by some communities in the Talensi traditional area which include Tengzug, Wakii, Gorog, Separd, Shia, Yinduri, Santeng and Gbeog with the main significance of praying to the gods for a good farming season and a bumper harvest.

The Golob festival is one of the two festivals held in the Talensi Traditional area.  The dominating activity in the Golob festival is the daily dance activities organised in the various villages under the Talensi traditional area.

By: Offei-Akoto Ayeh/a1radioonline.com/Ghana