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Sumbrungu Aguusi JHS Initiates Reading Competition to Improve Academic Performance


In its quest to find a solution to the poor academic performance of its pupils, the management of Sumbrungu Aguusi Junior High School has initiated a weekly reading competition in the school.

The school is among many others in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region who do not perform satisfactorily during Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). The falling standards of education at the basic level over the years have been of a major concern to all stakeholders in the education sector including Non-governmental Organizations.

One major factor affecting academic performance of pupils of Sumbrungu Aguusi JHS as identified by management is their inability to read thus cannot comprehend examination questions.

To address this, the management of the school every Friday afternoon, divides pupils into 25 in a group. Each group is supervised by a teacher who guides them to engage in a reading competition. The pupils are randomly picked to take part in the competition. With this known to them, each pupil is often prepared to avoid possible embarrassment should they be picked randomly to represent their groups.

Apart from the support the school receives from the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (CENSRUD), a Sumbrungu-based NGO in the form of Mathematics, Science and English Language textbooks to aid in the teaching and learning, teachers of the school also provide exercise books and pens to each member of a winning group.

On Friday October 28 when the school held one of such competitions, Samuel K. Mba, the Headmaster the school, in his closing remarks entreated the pupils to continue to read hard to improve upon their reading abilities which will translate into good academic performance.

He encouraged the pupils that anytime a group is adjudged first, it is the Aguusi JHS that wins and so other groups and their members should not be demoralized but rather, they should be challenged to also fight hard to emerge winners the next time.



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