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Sharing Spoils for Votes

Dishonest and wicked politicians have gone out on a hunting expedition sharing booties in order to loot the citizens.

‘City’, you dey hear what I dey see? ‘Countryside’ speaking. It is a hazy maze – that one just left. This one just went in and this other young man just woke a woman from her sleep at the blind side of her husband and slipped a ten-Ghana cedi note into her hand imploring her to vote in a certain way.

These candidates seem to be visionless, no message to rally anyone to anything. Meaning, they can do everything, no need for the electorate to contribute to achieve anything. All you hear and see is; “I’m already rich, you are poor, take this and vote for me or you forever lose out.”

These people are never ready to work to ensure  that citizens are relieved from their precarious situation but rather to enrich themselves at the expense of citizens.

Organizations like STAR-Ghana, CDD- IDEG and NCCE must help deliver citizens from these unscrupulous politicians through education, sensitization and conscientization in order to imbue in them patriotism, duty to nation and the sanctity of ‘your vote is your power’.

Citizens need  to participate in every decision making that concerns them but this is not the case around here. How long must this continue that citizens are only important to politicians during electioneering season.

What must we all do to ensure that no one can buy votes? Let me hear from  you.

Source:  TopNewsGhana.com

Author: Samuel Nkiikina


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