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Naba Sigri Bewong, Sakote Chief

Sekote Paramount Chief condemns the prevalent changing of Upper East Regional Ministers


The Paramount Chief of Sekote Tradional area, Naba Sigri Bewong has called for restraint in governments’ frequency in changing the administrative heads of the Upper East Region. According to the highly revered chief, no region in Ghana suffers such attrition like the Upper East.

Addressing the newly appointed Upper East Regional Minister, Paulina Patience Abayage, during her courtesy call on the Sekote Paramouncy, Naba Bewong said successive governments’ decision to repeat the trend is beyond the acceptable level; an issue he described as a worry to the traditional council in the region. “It’s a concern for this region. The traditional authorities; we are not too happy. I will express that on behalf of the Regional House of Chiefs.” He said.

The Sekote Overlord who is the immediate past President of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs further expressed; “The concern of the traditional authorities in this region is the frequency in the changing of our regional ministers. It did not start with this government. I don’t know whether it’s a tradition. From CPP days; the number of changes of the regional head does not auger well for us. I want the Press to take it on. If you look at the frequency; no regional minister even last here more than 2 years. It’s a concern for this region.”

By his nature, Naba Bewong did not mince words in expressing his displeasure at the unpopular trend to the newly appointed Regional Minister. He stressed, “There should be stability. Rockson Bukari was here. Suddenly, he’s gone and you have come. You’re an ambassador; our own daughter and you’ve come here. If care is not taken, in less than 1 year, you’re removed again. It does not auger well.”

According to him, such actions by successive governments impede development. “Somebody is coming with a vision; before he/she can even sit down and stabilize, the person is removed.” “How can we progress?” He added.

Going forward, Naba Bewong urged governments to disregard calls from people within the region; asking to have government appointees removed on the basis of such appointees sidelining political party folks; Naba Bewong referred to such calls as bamboo wailers.

SOURCE: topnewsghana.com/ Paul Fordjour


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