Redistribute house chores to enable women perform better in other areas-U/W Gender Desk

Regional Gender Desk Officer, Charity Batuure

The Upper West Regional Gender Desk has called on men to support the wives in performing house chores also known as Unpaid Care Work (UCW).

This the desk said would enable women get the time and energy to perform better in other areas.

Speaking to GBC’s Mark Smith ahead of the International Women’s Day, the Regional Gender Desk Officer, Charity Batuure said women have been unable to compete effective and climb the corporate ladder because of the quantum of chores they had to do in their various homes.

She explained that “the woman will have to take care of the house chores. She will fix breakfast for the family; she gets to work, closes ‪around 5pm‬ and gets back to the kitchen. But the man will have ample time to do other things.”

Madam Batuure blamed the idea that women only belong to the kitchen on the upbringing of children saying “the girl comes back from school she is in charge of fetching water, cleaning, cooking and taking care of siblings.

The boy however, has a free chance to study or he has time to socialize or play football. By night she [the girl child] is going to bed exhausted but by dawn she needs to be up again, fetch water and prepare breakfast.”

The Gender Desk Officer mentioned that these have direct effects on the studies of the girl who has to still be in class. Madam Batuure added that growing up with a similar situation at home means that some individuals would grow up with the mentality that women are required to do all unpaid care work in the homes.

In a bid to ensure equal access and opportunities for the women Madam Batuure suggested redistribution of house chores among family members to ensure that women are not overburdened.

Ghana joins the world to celebrate International Women’s Day IWD on the 8th of March every year. For the past century or so, the world celebrates this day each year to commemorate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

The day also serves as a call to action for all governments, civil society organisations and individuals across the globe to prioritize gender equality in all their action, policies and initiatives.

The Upper West Regional Gender Desk Officer Charity Batuure mentioned that although successive governments have made certain attempts to create equal opportunities for both genders, more needs to be done.

She mentioned the Affirmative Action Bill as a good way to start.

She mentioned Rwanda and Kenya as good examples of African countries that have consciously empowered women to be in top political positions and encouraged Ghana to follow in the same direction.

She said the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day celebration, “Balance for Better” is apt as it beseeches government and all stakeholders to make conscious efforts in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Madam Charity Batuure used the opportunity to congratulate all women particularly those in the informal sector for the work they do to keep the nation fed and clothed.
Story by Mark Smith

source; GBC