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Prez Mahama does not understand the meaning of Democracy – Akufo-Addo


The presidential nominee of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo Addo has said he will continue to beg the Ghanaian people for their support and votes until the give him their mandate to lead the country as President.

Nana Addo’s comment comes on the heels of criticism by his opponent, John Dramani Mahama that he Akufo-Addo was going round begging Ghanaian voters to vote for him to become president. But addressing a huge crowd of NPP supporters and sympathizers, Mr. Akufo-Addo said President Mahama’s criticism of his approach to seeking the mandate of the people is an indication that he the President does not understand the meaning of democracy.

“The president says I am going around begging the people of Ghana to become president and I should stop begging the people. When I hear that statement, then I know that our president does not understand the meaning of democracy. The meaning of democracy is that, power is in the hands of the people and those who want to exercise that power on behalf of the people; we have to beg the people to give us that power. I will continue to beg the people of Ghana, and beg the people of Ghana and beg the people of Ghana because they are the sovereign, the masters of the destiny of our nation,” he insisted.
Touching on agriculture, Nana Akufo-Addo said the NPP administration under his watch will create the conditions for all-year round farming by making it possible by a policy of irrigation of all parts of the north. “NPP has a big plan for the development of our country; a plan that is going to bring jobs and prosperity to all parts of Ghana. And in the Upper East Region, agribusiness is going to be our focus. We are going to create the conditions for year-round farming. “If Burkina Faso can do it, so we can do it here in the Upper East Region of Ghana, “he said.

He also said the resources of the country under his government will be shared in a manner that they get to the bottom and bring prosperity to all.

NPP supporters at Bolga rally

NPP supporters at Bolga rally

He dismissed consistent assertion by President Mahama and the National Democratic Congress that he Akofo-Addo is a violent person. Rather, Mr. Akofo-Addo explained that he opposed Acheampong’s union government because he saw it as a bad government and also opposed PNDC government under former president J.J Rawlings because he thought a military was not good for Ghana.

NPP supporters at the Bolga rally

NPP supporters at the Bolga rally

He condemned tribal politics and said; “I am tribal blind, I am colour blind. It is Ghana that is my interest. Ghana with all its component; that is my interest. I don’t mind where anybody comes from. I have as my running mate, a man who comes from the north of Ghana. That is not the reason why he is my running mate. He is my running mate because he is one of the most brilliant economists that our country… So let us all together turn our backs on tribal language, turn our backs on politics of reaction, turn our backs on the politics of yesterday and move forward, look towards that bright future.”

Source: TopNewsGhana.com/William Nlanjerbor JALULAH


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