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President John Mahama

President Mahama’s Media Cabal Comment; a Journalist’s Perspective


President Mahama’s recent comment that a section of the media is blocking the flow of information about the achievements of his NDC-led government attracted varied reactions from some Ghanaians from different political affiliations.

According to him, a certain group of people have taken control of the Ghanaian media and are blocking his government’s message, a situation which in his view, makes it difficult for people to know the truth.

“It is populism, a certain group has taken control of the media in Ghana and it makes it difficult for people to discern the truth. So as much as you are putting out the information, it is either being blocked or distorted,”he said.

In fact, most of the reactions were largely placing the blame squarely on the doorstep of the President and his handlers.

Kwesi Pratt, a veteran Ghanaian Journalist and an ardent sympathizer of President Mahama and the NDC, could not hide his feeling but to strongly criticize government appointees and communicators for holding information about the achievements of the President close to their chest. He particularly blamed the Minister for Finance and Economic Planning for not making available a copy of the recent budget statement to someone like him who speaks strongly infavour of the government.

In what seems to be like a ‘light comment’, a Bolgatanga-based journalist and host of The Agenda on Tanga Radio, posted what he claims is a research he has conducted into President Mahama’s claim. His comment was posted on his facebook wall.

Samuel Mbura writes;

Sorry to bother you Mr. President but I have found the cause of your media CABAL!

Please I have painstakingly researched with my own resources to find out those people blocking your success in the media and this is the cause;

In a summarized and concise conclusion, the research has shown that most of your communicators do not even have proper “yams” neither to talk about “Android or Smart” phones to read and know more. And as a result the only sentence they have learnt and have been using during public debates is “Nana Addo is a divisive leader and can’t rule Ghana” thereby leaving your good work.

Their “yams” are not also reliable so they have to bandage them before making radio calls to prevent them from going off.

It is also shown that VODAFONE is their life line and if mistakenly it stops its promotions, then there would be an automatic strike!

Also, most of them use phoenix bicycles popularly called “eggs dey” which don’t use fuel so they don’t know a price per litre.

However, as for Opana’s boys, they use HONDAS so they can run faster to block your transforming Ghana Agenda in the Upper East Eegion. They also have Tablets to research so they can quote the constitution rough! And make references. They also live like their mothers are in the kitchen! Whiles your boys are like deserted orphans!

In that regard, the formulae for determining Media Cabal is;
Greed+ hunger+limited knowledge+neglect= MEDIA CABAL!!!
Thank you!!!


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