PNC to sanction Mahama

Dr Edward Mahama

The leadership of the People’s National Convention (PNC) is planning to meet to consider possible sanctions against its leader, Dr Edward Mahama, for accepting to serve in the Nana Akufo-Addo government as an Amabssador-at-Large without consulting the party.

The 72-year-old gynaecologist, who was the PNC’s flag bearer in the 2016 election, is one of 22 persons named as ambassador by Mr Akufo-Addo.

As Ambassador-at-Large, Dr Mahama will have special duties to represent the president in any country he is assigned to.

However, PNC National Chairman Bernard Mornah, speaking to Class News’ Jonas Ofori-Yeboah, expressed shock with the leader of his party for accepting the role without consulting the party leadership.

He said: “When I heard it, I said ‘no, it can’t be true of my Edward Mahama’. But when the radio stations aired his voice I was immobilised, to say the least. Edward Mahama is the leader of the PNC as of now and if the leader of the PNC accepts an appointment from President Akufo-Addo’s government that means that the NPP has become his pseudo-political party. Is he requesting all of us to join his pseudo-political party?

“Beyond breach of principles…you can’t be leading the party and serving in another government. How would we criticise or commend the NPP government? How will it sit with Edward Mahama if we find something wrong with the government that he’s serving in or we are now to be barred from talking about the NPP?

“I spoke to my General Secretary this morning and I’ve asked him to check our calendar and call a meeting of the National Executive Committee and Edward Mahama will be provided a platform to explain to us what this is all about and I’m sure the NEC will then advise what steps we can take.”

Meanwhile, Dr Mahama said the appointment is an honour to serve God and country.

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