Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom

Several depositors of Gold Coast Fund Management in Tamale besieged the troubled company on Monday demanding payment of their locked up investments.

The desperate clients massed outside the company’s northern regional branch near the main Taxi terminal asking for immediate released of their monies as some of them acting violently towards the staff of the fund management firm.
The drama began when one manager of the company attempted to cause the arrest of the clients by reporting them at the Regional police headquarters for trespassing.
After they refused to arrest the protesting customers, tempers flared, leading to a near rampage situation. The vehicle of the manager of who filed the police complaint was seized by the customers.
The customers also detained the workers for several moments and forced them to call their superiors in Accra for a definitive response on when to expect repayment.
Some of the aggrieved depositors said managers of Gold Coast Security have failed to release their investments to them despite countless timelines.
One of them was overheard saying; “I pray that you people should come to Tamale one day, I swear God you will never go back to Accra again. This is just the beginning. We just want Papa Kwasi to know that he’s dealing with intellectuals and we are going to expose him to the whole country. We will tarnish his image – his international image would be dented.

The disappointed customers, majority of them pensioners, threatened to take onto the streets if authorities failed to pay their investments.
They called on the Security and Exchange Commission and government to intervene to force the collapsing firm to pay them.
Shamsudeen Yakeeni speaking on behalf of the customers said they will take legal action against the firm.
“What we are asking from them is a payment of our monies. They promised us last year that we will get our money in March this year. We are in March; we have not heard anything from them. The last time when, we came here they told us that they were going to give us certificates. I wonder which school we have attended that we needed certificates.” One of the customers asked.
“We need our money, have our monies now turned into certificates? This is not what we need. We can’t wait any longer, because our shops are still locked up. We need our money to pay our children’s school fees’’
This is the second time customers of the firm, which facing liquidity difficulties, have besieged the facility, in just less than one, protesting the delay of their locked up investment.
One pensioner, 70-year-old, Dakura said the firm has refused to pay his investment since it matured in October 2018.
” I have been operated in Kumasi three times. I want my money; I cannot go back to Kumasi for my medical care. I have send personal message to Ndoum. I’m over 70 year old. Do you want me to die? So give me my money; that’s the only message I have for you”, the old insisted.

Source: opr.news