Nabdam DCE foils impeachment of Presiding Member

Nabdam DCE, Agnes Anamoo

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Nabdam, Agness Anamoo says she has resolved a feud between some assembly members and the Presiding Member; Dauglas Tohugto which nearly led to the impeachment of the latter.

A meeting which was aimed at removing the Presiding Member from office through voting last Friday was postponed indefinitely following an intervention by the DCE after some assembly members had accused the presiding member of gross violation of the standing orders of the assembly.

In a petition dated 19th September, 2017, signed by ten assembly members and addressed to the District Chief Executive, the Assembly members said: “The PM engaged himself in acts that we consider as an affront to the dignity of the Assembly. At all material time following the revocation of the appointments of government appointees of John Dramani Mahama, the PM failed to attend upon a call by the District Coordinating Director to summons for a meeting for a reconstitution of the Assembly”.

They also contended that the Presiding Member after failing to summon a meeting to reconstitute the Assembly sued the Assembly and subjected it to public ridicule and halted the Council of State elections for hours.

Following their petition, a meeting to impeach the presiding member through voting was scheduled for last Friday October 6, 2017 but, just when the assembly members were to begin the process, the DCE, Agnes Anamoo intervened.

In an interview with TopNews Ghana, the DCE said he wanted peace to prevail hence her intervention. “I don’t think there is anything like petitioning or impeachment again. There is nothing like that again. As the DCE, I represent the President and as a house, I need to handle them well to solve the issue and I know that I’m capable of doing that and that is why I intervened to let them stop so that I will sit with two parties and solve the problem.”

Daniel Animah, assembly member for Zua Electoral Area earlier told TopNews Ghana the Presiding Member distorted the facts of selecting people for the Electoral College before the Council of State elections adding that he failed to exhaust all the structures of the Assembly before heading to court to seek redress.

Meanwhile, after the DCE’s intervention, Mr. Animah was contacted. He said if the DCE indeed intervened, then he was yet to receive the outcome of her intervention through an official communication.

Before the attempted impeachment meeting, Mr. Tohugto denied any wrong doing and questioned how going to court to seek redress amounted to a violation of the standing orders of the assembly.