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Lansah Musah, a Journalist with EIB Network

Lansah Musah’s Opinion: Let’s Roast Them


Okay, President Nana Addo’s team erred by not acknowledging people for using their statements. Let’s roast them for that mess and then go back to sleep.

He lost the opportunity to make the biggest policy statement before starting work as president and so I think he should an apology which has been rendered is cool but come to think of it have we learnt lessons for our interests in such matters?

During our 59th independence anniversary we invited Uhuru Kenyatta who came and told us that instead of us working to ensure that our revered Ghana Airways is in the air and not some restaurant somewhere we were busy talking about how messy our brochure was. They learnt how to start Kenya

Airways and today it is one of the best in Africa but we are now struggling to get ours back in the air.
On 7th January again we invited others to come and help us inaugurate our new government and unfortunately we were met with an issue with plagiarism. Embarrassing situation it was and every Ghanaian who downplays the embarrassment is not a serious Ghanaian or the person is blinded politically and not as a Ghanaian.

I think the president should have spoken without a speech since it was a day for him to tell us about himself. I hope the speech writers learn lessons hence……

By Lansah Musah, a Journalist with EIB Network


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