“I masturbated in my teens; I feel dirty about it” – Majid Michel


Ghanaian actor-turned-evangelist Majid Michel has confessed to masturbating as a teenager.

“I think that every adolescent has masturbated before,” he told Bola Ray on Accra-based Starr FM on Wednesday, 4 October when he was asked a direct question if he ever touched himself while he was growing up, for which reason he said he wanted to use his evangelism to help teenage boys from going through the same experience he contended with as a young boy.

“I feel guilty about it; I feel very dirty about it,” the 37-year-old actor who said he has never cheated on his wife, confessed.

He said even though the Bible does not specifically mention masturbation in any passage, he believes it is a sinful act.

“There’s a lot of debate about masturbation being a sin or not but I think it’s a sin. There is nothing said about it in the bible, nowhere in the scripture” he emphasised, but insisted “it is a sin completely.”

Source: Ghana/ClassFMonline.com/91.3FM