Ghanaian Politicians Need Orientation – Bismark Adongo

Bismark Adongo, Executive Director, NORPRA


Bismark Adongo Ayorogo, Executive Director, NORPRA
Bismark Adongo Ayorogo, Executive Director, NORPRA

The Executive Director of Northern Patriots in Research and Advocacy (NORPRA), Bismark Adongo Ayorogo has lashed out Ghanaian politicians for not prioritizing the development of the three regions of the North – Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions.

NORPRA is a member of the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the Savannah Accelerated Development Zone (SADA) Zone which put together a national forum on the transformation of Northern Savannah of Ghana in Bolgatanga.

The forum was aimed at bringing the Presidential nominees of the political parties contesting in this year’s polls to outline their vision and plans on transforming the Northern Savannah Ecological Zone into a place of opportunities for all, free from poverty and inequalities.

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) was first to have taken its turn on Tuesday October 25 with its Presidential nominee, Nana Addo featuring. Nana Addo however did not show up and sent Prince Imoro Andani, a former Northern Regional Minister to stand in for him.

Wednesday October 26 and Thursday October 27 were reserved for the Convention People’s Party (CPP) and the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) but, both did not show up either. In the case of the CPP, Clinton Bukari, Talensi parliamentary candidate stood in for Ivor Greenstreet, the party’s presidential nominee while the NDC did not send a representative at all. Rather, the party called for a rearrangement of the programme to enable its presidential nominee, President John Mahama to attend.

But speaking to Albert Azongo, host of A1 Radio’s flagship programme, DayBreak Upper East, Mr. Adongo expressed his dissatisfaction in the fact that politicians do not prioritize the development of the three regions.

He said, politicians think that anything that is national should be in Accra and not northern Ghana. Or the golden triangle – Accra, Takoradi and Kumasi.

He said; “Politicians and governments over the years haven’t prioritized any issue in northern Ghana. They have never prioritized issues in northern Ghana. So if you are sitting in Bolga here, if you are sitting in Namoo, if you are sitting in Kalbeo or Zaare and you are saying national, they think that look at this people, they are not serious. But Ghana is Ghana, Kunlungungu is Ghana. Until this people begin to prioritize or to rethink, they need some orientation. Politicians in general, they will never prioritize anything.”

The out-spoken advocate of the development of the three regions in the north also blamed people of the regions for allowing politicians to take them for granted. “You know the funny thing? We are all in support of that because if you open phone lines now, and ask; you will see those tiny tiny politicians around here, the way they will defend the indefensible and justify and the unjustifiable why they think it was this, it was that…So I think over the years, they have all taken us for granted.”

Mr. Adongo, who is also the Executive Secretary of the Coalition of CSOs in SADA Zone, emphasized the importance of the programme and said it was a unique opportunity for those presidential nominees to tell the people of the Savannah Ecological Zone, their vision to transform the area should they be given their mandate.

“Ordinary citizens, facilitating a process, bringing men of substance like the president of all the chiefs in this region, sitting there chairing a programe with passion, with love, with his colleague chiefs in their numbers and asking you, a politician, who is seeking their mandate, what opportunity do you want again? Come and give them the message. So, they have always taken everything for granted to the point that come and tell me why I should vote for you and they don’t want to come”, he lamented.

By William Nlanjerbor JALULAH/


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