Gbani mine explosion: Families of dead miners demand compensation

file photo; miners underground

The families of some 17 miners who died after a mining explosion at Gbani in the Upper East Region are demanding compensations from Shaanxi Mining Company.

At a press conference, the families represented by one Bismark Zuma said a total of 61 people have lost their lives as a result of the company’s activities.

“It is on record that none of these deaths received any compensation from the company,” he explained.

In the latest case, the 17 miners died following an explosion on Wednesday after the mining company blasted explosives to break the earth.

The gas released from the explosives choked the miners underground. The miners are alleged to have encroached on the Shaanxi concession on the blind side of the Chinese company.

Some of the miners died underground while others died as they received treatment at the Upper East Regional Hospital.

Some survivors from the mine blast are still at the hospital receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, police have arrested five persons in connection with the mining accident.

Speaking to the press, the families of the deceased miners also accused the mining company of intentionally killing their kinsmen.

One member of the bereaved families alleged that the mining company added a poisonous chemical to the explosives before blasting it, claiming that it was the poisonous gas that killed the miners underground.

“The dead bodies you can see now, some of them have dependents and they are breadwinners, now that they are no more who takes care of them.

“So, we are demanding adequate compensation that we will use to take care of the families they have left behind,” another bereaved family member said, echoing the views of many present at the press conference.

Mr Zuma alleged that Shaanxi lacks basic safety equipment and endangers the lives of the people in the community with its activities.

“There are no blasting notices in our communities to inform our people before blasting and no vans to announce any impending blast,” Mr Zuma said.

Source; joyonline