Faciotechgh launches free website design for Ghanaian startups


Equipping businesses with efficient startups will seek to equip and explore the Market so that businesses develop; the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Faciotechgh, Azupogo Urbanus Wedaaba, has said.

The CEO made this comment at the host of a campaign, getonlineghana, which also marked the launch of their Hosting and Domain name service in Bolgatanga.

He stressed the need for entrepreneurs to go virtual with their businesses, for that is currently the largest market in the business realm – stressing that “No business will have a lifespan without planning towards covering and satisfying their audience”.

He further stated that websites increase the number of inquiries, their bottom line sales and offer them the chance to connect with their clients.

Mr. Azupogo whose speech was read on his behalf by his representative, Derick Abekah Ansah, therefore, encouraged co-operate organizations to own their own websites and to support small businesses to take their trading international through the internet.

The mission of the getonlineghana campaign is to get startup businesses known no matter the brand or area of business. The campaign seeks to build a strong reputation for businesses in the world of social media and internet as a whole.

The CEO emphasized that campaign is to assist all Ghanaian startups to have their own websites so they can properly market their products and reach out to clients. The campaign is being rolled out this year as a Christmas promotion to all businesses.

Faciotechgh has to its credit, many websites it has designed including your reliable news portal TopNews Ghana.

Details on qualification and registration available at goo.gl/TBgDst

Mr Azupogo called for a concerted effort from all the actors to assist in making things to work. He, therefore, called for support from the Telecommunication companies to support faciotechgh to implement the full campaigns.

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Source: TopNewsGhana.com