Establish more Police Stations in Tatale-Sangul District – KOYA-USA

Peter Bajo

In the aftermath a recent armed robbery attack on residents of Tatale-Sangul District of the Northern Region, the United States of America chapter of the Konkonmba Youth Association (KOYA-USA) has appealed to the Minister for the Interior and the National Security to establish more police stations in the area to curb the menace.

It will be recalled that on August 15, 2017, two men were attacked by armed men in the area who inflicted wounds on the victims who managed to escape. This reported incident of armed robbery was the second in the same district in few months – the reason it has become a major concern to KOYA-USA.

In a statement signed and released by Peter Bajo, President of KOYA-USA, described these attacks as unfortunate and appealed to the Minister for the Interior and the National Security to establish more police stations in the district and also increase significantly, the number of police officers to avert further attacks in future.

Below is the full statement:

Recent Armed Robbery Attack Near Bilando in The Tatale-Sangul District: Reports From Victims and Eye Witnesses.

On Tuesday, August 15, 2017, around 8pm, a young man from Dondoni (name withheld)     traveling to Tatale by bicycle was intercepted by a group of men armed with clubs and        machetes. The robbers first flashed torchlight to daze the victim and then pounced on him with clubs and machetes. The victim abandoned his bicycle and struggle and managed to outrun the assailants shouting for help but sustained injuries. Moments later, another man traveling on motorbike also suffered the same attack, abandoned his motorbike and escaped the assailants with injuries. The victims got to Bilando and reported the incidents to residents. Residents of Bilando and nearby Posateebdo and Ninyondo (just to mention a few) mobilized a defensive counterattack.

The assailants heard the approaching crowd absconded leaving behind one of their own who was armed with a cutlass. The early people who arrived at the scene tried to arrest him with the intention of handing him over to law enforcement agents. But this assailant attacked them fiercely with his cutlass and gained more space to escape. Unfortunately, the angry mob from many surrounding villages responding to the earlier “traditional desperate and distressing shouts” from the victims arrived at the scene and lynched the assailant – May his Soul Rest In Peace. A brother of one of the victims reported to the Assembly Member of the area that his brother was injured in a robbery attack.

The Assembly Member together with another Opinion- Leader reported the incident to the Police. Meanwhile, the Police had learnt of the incidence on the local FM station and was getting ready to dispatch officers to the scene. The two (2) victims who sustained various degrees of injuries are currently being treated [now treated and discharged] at the Tatale District Hospital and the body of the deceased robber is at the morgue awaiting        identification and further investigation. This reported incident of armed robbery is the second in the same district in few months. We thank all residents of the surrounding communities who risked their lives and came all out to support and defend the victims.

We are also very grateful to the Police Officers for their intervention. However, we wish to passionately appeal to        residents of the district and all Ghanaians for that matter to desist from mob justice in future incidences and let the law take its course because two wrongs do not make a right.

Finally, we wish to plead with the honorable Minister of Interior and the National Security to come to the aid of residents in the Tatale-Sangul district by boosting the security situation. We humbly bring to the highly respected offices mentioned above the following suggestions for consideration to improve the security situation in the district:
Consider establishing more Police Stations in the District
Increase the number of Police Officers in the District
Consider recruiting community volunteers to work hand-in-hand with the Police Officers as “Community Policing Agents”.
With many thanks in advance, we anticipate that our suggestions will be given a consideration.

Peter Bajo,