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Community Protection Assistants lament over unpaid allowances


Personnel of the Community Protection Assistants (CPA) in the Tamale Metropolis in the Northern Region are calling for an immediate intervention from Government concerning allowances owed them.

The aggrieved personnel numbering over 200 have given the government up to January 15 to settle their unpaid stipends.
According to the group, since their engagement, their side of the contract has been diligently upheld as the general public can attest to seeing them assist the Ghana Police Service in their assigned roles; but government on the other hand is not fully committed to honoring its part of the contract.

Personnel of the CPA are not only battling the challenge of delayed payments but are also worried about the “peanuts” they receive as monthly allowances; stating that it is woefully inadequate to cater for their upkeep. They disclosed that some of them have not received their allowances for at least 5months.

According to them, tried as they have, they have exhausted the highest form of diplomacy in this case contacting the necessary institution, the Youth Employment Agency; yet all their efforts have yielded no positive results.

The spokesperson for the group, Adam Ussif requests a swift response from Government to have their concerns addressed or face their wrath.

He said “The whole issue is about our salary. The challenges are too much. When we came from training we started work in April 2018. Per government work when you are given appointment, you should be expecting your salary. In April we didn’t receive our salary, in May we didn’t receive. In June some received but others did not receive theirs… As time went on, more people started having problems receiving their salaries.”

Some have not received their salaries for close to 5 months now. Last 2 weeks, we were called to the Metro office; when we went there they said the problem has been solved but we should check in the coming days. But we have not received our salaries yet. We will give them up to January 15, 2019 and we will return if the issue is not resolved by then.” He added.

SOURCE; topnewsghana.com


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