Bolgatanga: Two butchers arrested for stealing Gambibgo Chief’s pregnant cow

One of the suspected cow thieves being arrested


Two butchers at the Bolgatanga Butchers’ House in the Upper East Region are the grips of the Bolgatanga East District Police at Zuarungu for allegedly stealing and slaughtering a bred (pregnant cow) belonging to the chief of Gambibgo, Naba Saeed Musah Abukbakar Sadik Anun-egra (retired W/O).

Though the police have confirmed the incident, they would not give details as they say they are still gathering intelligence because more names in connection with the crime emerge.

Prince Sadik Ayine Inusah, a son of the Gambibgo chief told TopNews Ghana that on Sunday October 8, 2017, they woke up for Islamic morning prayers and observed the animal was missing from the ranch at the chief’s palace. He said the chief then summoned them and tasked them to mount a search for the pregnant cow.

According to him, they grouped themselves into different search teams with one of them dispatched to the slaughter house where to their dismay; they found a butcher processing the slaughtered for cow sale. He explained it was the head and skin of the animal they used to identified it.

Prince Sadik said when they inquired, the butcher, who gave his name only as Kojobila told them it was his master, Shaibu, who gave the animal to him to slaughter.

Shaibu who was not at the slaughter house at the time was called and when he got there, he confirmed he gave the animal to Kojobila to slaughter. In the records book at the slaughter in which daily transitions of butchers are captured also revealed the animal was registered in the name of Shaibu.

Prince Sadik said when they told him the animal belonged to the chief, Shaibu pleaded for them to negotiate so he would settle them but he (Prince) and his other members of the search teams rejected the butcher’s conspiracy plea.

They subsequently reported him to the Zuarungu police and with assistance from the Bolgatanga Municipal Police; Shaibu and his assistant, Kojobila were arrested and taken to the Zuarungu Police cells where they are now assisting the police in their investigations.

According to Prince Sadik, this is not the first time an animal has been stolen from the ranch. He recalled in May this year, two animals were stolen and up to date, they cannot find them.

He therefore entreated the police to investigate the case thoroughly to ensure the culprits are not left off the hook.