ASWIM calls for commitment to women’s empowerment


The Association of Women in the Media,ASWIM, has asked stakeholders to show commitment to the laws and policies that empower women.

The Association noted that there are countless laws passed, and policies in place with multiple campaigns to raise awareness on gender issues, but progress to achieve gender equality, seems quite slow.

ASWIM on the occasion of International Women’s Day, calls for a shift in social attitudes of what is possible for women and measures to increase access to economic opportunities, employment and funding.

The Association says in today’s technological world, it is important to look at innovative ways at empowering women to reach their full potential.

A statement signed by the Interim President of ASWIM Mavis Kitcher, said, it is equally important for women to be willing and avail themselves to learn things relating to technology and not see that field as a preserve of men.

source; GBC