Address economic hardship, vigilantism and jobs in the state of the Nations Address, Bolgatanga residents tell Prez. Akufo Addo


President Akufo-Addo is expected tomorrow, February 21, to deliver his third State of the Nations Address (SONA), toparliament.

In this regard, Ghanaians are expecting him to touch on a myriad of issues affecting their daily lives.

Some residents in Bolgatanga in the upper east Region who spoke to topnewsghana said they expect the President to touch on security issues in the wake of recent vigilantism operations, the current economic hardship and job opportunities for the youth among other concerns.

A businessman said “Look at our local currency, the Ghanaian cedi; it is growing weaker day by day. I expect the president to tell us what is happening. I learnt it’s now Ghs5 and some coins against the dollar. I’m afraid, this calls for worry. The president should come and tell us what his economic management team is doing about the situation. It’s too bad.”

Emmanuel added; “Before they came on power, they were making so much noise about the cedi depreciation. Talking about arresting the cedi when they come to make it overcome the dollar. Bawumia {the vice president} was saying the keys to the dollars are in the IGP’s pocket but now what we are hearing about the cedi and dollar is around Ghc5.20 per dollar. It’s becoming too serious. So we expect him to touch on the cedi depreciation and its equivalence to the dollar”

“Tomorrow, we would want him to touch on the issue of vigilantism that his taken an unpopular pose in our nation. We also want him to address the issue of jobs for the youth. He should normalize the irregularities with Nabco and also see how the unemployed youth could be absorbed into the public service.” another resident express.

Source; topnewsghana