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Lansah Musah, a Journalist with EIB Network

Lansah Musah Writes: Of victory and it is our time

As long as we continue on the tangent of the winner takes everything, we will continue to suffer this nonsense of party foot-soldiers going nuts after their parties win power. (Not plagiarized).
I hate doing this but I will have to do it……in 2001 we saw party supporters taking over toilets and other public facilities and people condemned them but no one was punished because it was their turn to enjoy the spoils of the electoral battle.
Fast forward to 2009 and the same things happened. Again no one was punished and the reason was still the same, our party has won.
Quick move on to 2017 and we are here again. As usual the commentary has started and I know we will continue without any prosecutions as people’s arms will be twisted with so after supporting you to win this is our reward?
What’s annoying is that most of those shouting now kept quite or were not as vociferous when it was their turn but have suddenly found their voices because its another person’s turn.
I have heard people blaming the security agencies for their inability to act. Really? You want them to act so that they will incur the wrath of party supporters while you cool off in your rooms right?
Its true the security agencies must act but tell me how many times haven’t we seen party bigwigs going to demand the release of their supporters who breach the laws? Even serious criminal offences are not spared so please let’s give the security guys some space.
We live in a country where depending on our conditions we condemn people. Not excluding myself. We do what I call, “it is sweet for me so let it continue”. So when I find us condemning such nonsensical acts I get offended cos we are all contributors to its occurrence.
I will always condemn violence of any form but to have people who were quite when it was their turn shouting on the rooftops makes me angry.
As a people we must be careful as we do the politics such that when we are in power we don’t ask people to proceed on leave, hand over toilet keys, transfer people to remote places because of their affiliation and if we allow the security agencies especially the police to deal with people without interfering in their work, am sure no one will worry about taking over properties.
Why won’t I take over when you cut off my source of income when your party came into power? Let’s stop the winner take all attitude and am sure we will rather work hard to keep our jobs rather than waiting for parties to come into power so that we take over……
Lansah Musah, a Journalist with EIB Network

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